What is Reflexology?

A science and an art

Reflexology is a modality of bodywork which is applied to the feet, hands and ears using finger and thumb techniques to apply alternating pressure to reflex points.  These reflex points are located on maps, mirrored reflections of the entire body, on each of these body parts. The process of applying pressure to these reflex points provides a sense of deep relaxation and stimulates circulation as well as "taps into" the bodies self-healing abilities.  Many people find the experience deeply relaxing and therefore deeply healing physically, mentally and even spiritually.

The most recent definition as provided by the Reflexology Association of America is as follows:

Reflexology, an integrative health practice, maps a reflection of the body predominately on the feet, hands and outer ears. It uses unique manual techniques to deliver pressure to neural pathways assisting the body to function optimally.


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